The Memorandum of Understanding

The first tangible step has been taken toward implementing the Baltimore City School Construction and Revitalization Act of 2013, with the release of the proposed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (detailed summary in this Power Point). City Schools, the City of Baltimore, the Maryland Stadium Authority (Authority), and the State Interagency Committee on School Construction (IAC) negotiated.

Key components of the MOU:

  • Establishes the roles and responsibilities of City Schools, the Authority, Baltimore City and the IAC, and requires all parties to agree to the scope, schedule, & budget for each school built new or renovated.
  • Establishes an Executive Committee and requires them to hold open meetings, community forums, and produce Annual Reports
  • Creates a Coordinating Committee of City Schools, City, and the Authority to coordinate the building program with community revitalization efforts.
  • Creates a Collaborative of City Schools, the City, and the Authority which will engage community representatives for input to maximize work opportunities for BCPS students and City residents, and in developing a comprehensive local hiring plan.
  • Specifies the process for annual review of the "10 Year Plan" and each party's opportunity for input into the process.
  • Establishes the goal that all buildings be designed for recreational opportunities & cooperative community use, with a separate MOU to be established between City Schools & the City on after-hours building use, with community input.
  • Outlines the City's role in the school closure process and empowers the Authority to withhold construction funds if the School Board fails to close buildings.
  • Specifies a strict timetable for City Schools to develop a multi-year Comprehensive Maintenance Plan (CMP) for all school buildings with sufficient funding in a multi-year budget. Ties future funding of renovations to City Schools' adherence to the CMP.
  • Requires School Board to set "utilization" targets and reduce the amount of under-used building space due to low student enrollment.
  • Ties progress toward meeting targets to annual funding from IAC.
  • Establishes "Stat" tracking program for project status.

Click here to read the entire Memorandum of Understanding.