Year 1 Schools Moving into Design Development

Year 1 schools in the 21st Century Buildings Program are moving into the Design Development Phase.  The picture on the cover is a schematic design created by the architecture firm Grimm + Parker (G+P).  With community input, G+P was tasked with completing a Feasibility Study, which outlines the overall budget for the building, recommends whether the building should be built new or fully renovated, and provides preliminary schematic designs of the school.  The study is guided by the Educational Specifications of the school - a guiding document developed by City Schools with community input to determine the size and type of classrooms (art room, music, library, etc) and other spaces such as bathrooms, community use rooms, cafeterias, and gyms to meet the educational needs of student, their families, and community.  See Fort Worthington's Feasbility Study here.  Fort Worthington has just entered the Design Development Phase, where the details of the building design will be laid out.

Design Process for Each School Building:

Education Specification -> Feasbility Study -> Concept Design -> Schematic Design -> Design Development -> Construction


Status of Year 1 and Year 2 Schools 

Fort Worthington Elementary - Design Development

Frederick Elementary - Design Development

Lyndhurst Elementary - Schematic Design

John Eager Howard Elementary - Schematic Design

Robert Poole Building (ACCE/Independence) - Schematic Design

Arundel Elementary/Middle -  Concept Design

Cherry Hill Elementary/Middle - Concept Design

Forest Park High - Concept Design

Arlington Elementary/Middle - Feasbility Study Approved

Patterson High - Feasibility Study Approved

Pimlico Elementary/Middle - Feasbility Study Approved

Year 2 Schools 

The following schools will begin the process to develop their site specific Educational Specifications and Feasbility Studies this summer through the fall of 2015.  

Calvin Rodwell Elementary School, Cross Country Elementary/Middle School, John Ruhrah Elementary/Middle, Medfield Heights Elementary, Bay Brook Elementary, Calverton Elementary/Middle, Walter P. Carter Elementary/Middle, Govans Elementary, Canton Elementary/Middle, Harford Heights Elementary, Mary Rodman Elementary, Montebello Elementary/Middle, Robert Coleman Elementary, James Mosher Elementary, and Northwood Elementary. 

Year 3 Schools 

Currently, the 21st Century Schools program is not funded to address schools in Year 3.  The Transform Baltimore campaign is committed to advocating for more funding for the next phase of the program!

Year 1 Schools Moving into Design Development Phase!