The New 21st Century Schools Website

In July 2015, with the enthusiastic support of the Transform Baltimore campaign, City School and the MOU partners launched a comprehensive website for Baltimore's 21st Century Schools program.  Since the program began in 2013, the Transform Baltimore: Build Schools, Build Neighborhoods campaign has been advocating for transparency and robust community engagement from the MOU partners throughout the design process for each new school. The new website  contains pertinent information and data about the status of each school project in the plan and a calendar to inform the public about upcoming important community meetings and decisions.

The Transform Baltimore campaign has been engaging education and neighborhood advocates throughout the city to ensure that people understand the process and how community input can be maximized for the estimated 28 new and renovated school buildings in the plan. There have been hundreds of 21st Century Schools meetings held in many neighborhoods since the program launched and a central location for information on the projects and meetings was needed.  

Highlights on the New 21st Century Schools Website:


Community Meetings - Click here to read more

There are more than a dozen community meetings that occur during the design process. Community inputis critical to achieving a great school design and program that meets the needs of students, families, and communities.

Calendar of Meetings - Click here for full calendar

Find out when important meetings are happening for each school project and for other public sessions and reports on the 21st Century Schools program. 

The Design Process - Click here to see full description of the design process

Each school goes through a complex planning and design process before construction.  Here are the steps:

1.  Site Specific Education Specification (Ed Spec)

2. Feasibility Study 

3.  Concept Design  

4.  Schematic Design

5.  Design Development

6.  Construction Documents

Status of School Projects:  Click here to see the status of each school in the program

The new website provides information and status of each school project.  Cherry Hill Elementary, featured on the left is in the Concept Design Phase - the first draft by the architect to organize the site and spaces within the building to meet the objectives outlined in the Educational Specifications and the school's academic and student needs.  

Community Use and Shared Space:  Click here to see the status of each school in the program

Get involved in designing your school to be the "anchor" of your neighborhood.  This means that the school serves as a hub for other services to support students, families, and communities (i.e. co-located partners for recreation, afterschool, healthcare, GED classes, etc). 

Community and Economic Development:  Click here to see the status of each school in the program

Learn how the City's Department of Planning is working with neighborhood groups and advocates to make improvements to the immediate area surrounding each new school.

Jobs, Local Hiring, and Workforce Development:  Click here to learn about job opportunities

The Mayor's Office of Employment Development, Baltimore City Public Schools, and the Maryland Stadium Authority are currently working on policies and programs that will govern local hiring opportunities and student internships.  The MOU's Collaborative Group is currently working to develop these programs.  Stayed tuned for more information on this matter.