Community Engagement and Meetings

Community Engagement is critical to achieving a school design that meets the needs of students, parents, families, and communities. While the design of the school is guided by the district's education specifications and academic vision, the 21st Century Schools program values the importance and power of family, community stakeholders, and partnerships in addressing both student and community needs.  To that end, the Design Process was created to ensure that the design of the new schools is a collaborative process between the MOU Partners and the community, and that engagement is present throughout each stage of planning and design. It is up to the MOU Partners and the architect to translate community input into a design of a school building that responds to the needs of the community.  

The School Core Team

Each school with have a School Core Team, comprised of students, parents and family members, neighorhood residents, community stakeholders such as neighborhood associations and faith-based institutions, and school partners such as afterschool and mentoring programs.  Here are the School Core Team's primary tasks and roles: 

  • Attend and promote meetings in the school community and neighborhood to maximize input and perspectives from all stakeholders
  • Communicate with the community about the school project (e.g. the design process, important meetings, decision-making process)
  • Communicate and provide information to the MOU Partners - concerns, additional input, clarity of process

Community Meetings and Important Dates 

There are more than a dozen community meetings that occur during the design process.  Link to the 21st Century Schools calendar to find out:

  • When a decisions are made about school projects (e.g. approval of feasibility study, schematic design, etc.)
  • When meetings are held for community input on the feasibility study, educational specification, various stages of design, etc. Click here for the standard list of meetings that will occur at each school.
  • When the MOU Executive Committee - the governing entity of the whole program - meets and reports out
  • When public forums and other events are held